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I found out about Blue Pine Coffin through the Davis Arboretum Cemetary in Davis California.  When I contacted Danielle and Dean I immediately felt support and comfort during my time of grief and loss.  As soon as I saw the coffin’s exquisite craftsmanship my heart ❤️warmed and I felt peace.  My family and I knew that this is the coffin we wanted for my mother ‘s green burial.
My friends and family still talk about the beautiful vessel that helped my mother’s journey to the other world be safe and loving.
Tamar from Sacramento. 10/21
Craig at Bryan Braker Funeral Homes was
awestruck after services at the local Chabad 
when the late afternoon sunlight illuminated
our coffin in his Hearse.

Thank you Craig for sharing your experience and 
photo with us.

We really appreciate your sharing of connection 
with loved ones and tradition in our coffin offerings.

Danielle Newberry 11/24/2020 10:30 PM


Danielle and Dean made the coffin of a young, two-year-old boy in our community who suddenly and tragically passed away. From the moment we contacted them, they were extremely accommodating, even offering to alter their travel plans so that the coffin would be completed and delivered in time. They were so gracious, understanding, flexible and easygoing throughout the entire process. The effort and care they put into making sure that the little boy received a proper Jewish burial, with a traditional Jewish coffin, was a tremendous comfort to the grieving family.

Thank you so much, Danielle and Dean. We are so grateful for everything you did!

Rabbi Yanki Hecht
Chabad of Lincoln

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I will resist my temptation to put in the old joke, "people are dying to try your coffins."

I bought a coffin for my wife.  I was attracted to Blue Pine Coffins as the coffins were made from trees that had already died and no tree had to be destroyed to make the coffin.  The process became much more than that.  The coffin was well built with a lot of attention and skill by Dean and something I was proud to use.  Danielle was very supportive throughout the process.  Everything was perfect with the added bonus that the price was lower than I would have had to pay the funeral home for one of their coffins.  

Thanks again.  Stan