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Blue Pine "Aron" Catalog Page
Blue Pine is a term for Ponderosa Pine lumber that has blue-gray patterns or figures in the grain of the wood. 

The wood we use in our coffins comes primarily from utility line clearing operations in Nevada County California. The climate in this region is getting warmer and drier and the trees are migrating. Ponderosa Pines stressed by drought are susceptible to pine bark beetles and the Grosmannia Clavigera, blue stain fungus. These pests kill the drought stressed trees. Those near power lines are deemed a hazard and are periodically cleared. Suitable logs are delivered to sawmills nearby, sawed into rough lumber and dried in barns for many months. 

Blue Pine Coffins buys from the sawmills and hauls to nearby lumbermills to be resawn and planed into sized and finished lumber. We transport that lumber to our shop in Davis and craft into coffins using wood pegs and glue. Keeping to the intent of green burial we use neither metal nor finishes.  

Blue Pine Coffins were load tested by Raney Geotechnical Engineers to 785.2 lbs for 36 hours starting July 2nd 2020. 


Our standard "Aron" coffin dimensions are: 
78" Long x 27-1/2" Wide x 15-3/8" High
Special Order sizes available upon request. We will do our best to supply non-stock items in 24 hours, but it would be prudent to expect a delay.